3 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas | Themes for both Boys and Girls

Planning a 3 Year Old Birthday Party is not an easy task to come by. A three year old is at that age where he is not only mobile but knows what he likes and dislikes. My guess is that your child already either has a cartoon character that he or she likes or a show they love to watch. Your 3 year old birthday party ideas to revolve around one of those two things! Why? Because as I am sure you are aware when the child sees their special show or cartoon they get truly excited and I am sure many of their 3 year old friends will also at least be aware of the character or show if not one of their favorites as well!

3 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas | Music Party

All young children love music and like to be active. A music party can incorporate both of those ideas. 3 year old birthday parties are an exciting time in the childs life and dancing, singing and exercising is something most enjoy doing. You can rent a person who specializes in different instruments and dancing styles. Or you could save some money and run the music and dancing your self.  What has been popular in the past is playing different songs and have the children run around and pop bubbles from a bubble maker! That never gets old! You can also take your leaf blower and attach a roll of toilet paper to the end and it will blow toilet paper over all of the kids. They can get wrapped up with the toilet paper and then break out. You can’t go wrong with that.  If it is a nice day outside you can fill up water balloons as well and let the kids throw them at a favorite uncle or relative. You will not believe how athletic they are at that age!

3 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas: Conclusion

Whether it is a boy or girl you will want to have many different 3 year birthday party ideas to choose from so you make sure your child has the best possible time at his birthday celebration. If you need more info on birthday party ideas or themes feel free to visit our blog.